L’Arc~en~Ciel ( Two Hours All Night Nippon Radio Broadcast – July 8th)

Here is a translation of the two hour All Night Nippon radio broadcast on July 8, 2005, with L’Arc~en~Ciel. This is funny^_^



Narration : Having released their first album in 1993, L’Arc~en~Ciel has had innumerable hit songs along their sparkling career.
Posessing an amazing vocal sense and always rising up to new challenges : the vocalist hyde.
Putting life into all varieties of music and taking the band into all directions : the guitarist ken.
The leader who controls the band, yet takes the initiative in a more playful way than any other : the bassist tetsu.
With a coool, avant-garde image and far-ranging capacities yet to be revealed : the drummer yukihiro.
Tonight, these four characters are on the air with us on All night Nippon, to look back on ten albums with the release of a new one!

all : L’Arc~en~Ciel’s All Night Nippon!

hyde : Good evening! This is L’Arc~en~Ciel’s vocalist hyde.
ken : The guitar, ken.
tetsu : The bass, tetsu.
yuki : The drums, yukihiro. (Not said clearly at all)
hyde : This time every Friday with Motoya Yukiko. Tonight’s All Night Nippon feels like some kind of theatre!
tetsu : Yes.
hyde : L’Arc~en~Ciel… I think the four of us want to reach out.
ken : (laughs)
hyde : All four of us are kinda nervous… on the radio.
ken : More nervous than going alone, before. (laughs)
hyde : The moment I got here, I wanted to turn around and go home. (laughs)
all : (laugh)
hyde : Somehow, we’re doing this… Um, does anything happen on this radio show?
tetsu : What will we have to do?
ken : Maybe nothing?
hyde : Maybe.
tetsu : Nothing…?
hyde : Yeah right (laughs) Something’s gonna happen. Definitely.
ken : Bring it on? (laughs)
tetsu : There’s nothing planned~~?
ken : There’s probably some way to avoid it.
hyde : Yeah yeah yeah.
ken : If we manage to avoid whatever it is… It’ll be an All Night Nippon that doesn’t really stand out, so they’ll want to do something to us.
hyde : Yeah yeah yeah. At least… we’re not in front of people. I want to make a plan. Basically, all four of us need to stick to the same story, so we don’t start any rumours.
ken : Right.. But right now it’s only two of us chatting. We should get a third one going.
hyde : Yeah, yeah.
ken : Although they say it’s all four on the radio…
hyde : That’s not going to happen. (laughs)
all : (laugh)
ken : Ahahaha (laughs) Well, let’s do our best.
hyde : Work hard?
ken : I’m trying hard. (laughs)
hyde : Let’s see… We, L’Arc~en~Ciel that is, released our tenth album on the 22nd of last month. (He sounds like he’s refraining from laughing) We released AWAKE (he says the word AWAKE with a flourish)
ken : Yep.
hyde : It comes, what… a year and three months after SMILE?
all : Hooo~~
hyde : …really (laughs). But still, I think it turned out to be a great album.
all : (laugh)
hyde : You guys (laughs). This is the tenth one.
ken : Hmm.. really, it’s hyde who worked hard.
hyde : Oh, me? (laughs)
ken : Consequentially. (laughs)
hyde : Yeaaah… it shows, right?
ken : It does show.
hyde : It shows that I worked hard.
ken : The last thing we did for that album was look over the cover jacket.
hyde : Yes yes.
ken : Yeah, and next to each song it says who wrote the words and who wrote the music. hyde’s name comes up a lot.
hyde : Wonder why.
ken : Why? You sound embarassed.
hyde : Hehehehe (laughs) Seems so. (laughs)
ken : Hahahahaha (laughing hard)
hyde : Yeah, so AWAKE is out. Hm.. Tonight. What else can we talk about, besides the new album?
hyde and tetsu : New single!
hyde : That’s coming out. That’s why we came to L’A.. All Night Nippon.
ken : Yes.
hyde : Right? On July 20th, we’re releasing Link.
ken : Yep.
hyde : This song will be on tonight’s show. For the first time.. in the universe!
ken : Haa… (Sounds like he cannot talk)

Here, sound effects abruptly start. It sounds like a voice being distorted.
hyde : Hm?
tetsu : What’s that??
Voice : Members of L’Arc~en~Ciel, Welcome to All Night Nippon.
tetsu : That scared me~ (laughs)
Voice : It is true that this was rather abrupt, but we felt that L’Arc~en~Ciel would give a good reaction to the surprise. Oh, and congratulations on the new album getting number one on the Oricon chart!
all : Thank you very much.
Voice : Tonight, the Nippon broadcast wants to congratulate you. Before we start out two-hour chat, here’s something to wet your throats. Help yourselves!
hyde : Whoa.
tetsu : What’s this?

(All sound like they are suprised when they realise what it is)

Voice : The program desperately scrambled to get you this champagne.
ken : Is this expensive?
hyde : Wow~
Voice : What we have prepared is quite possibly an expensive item.
ken : (laughs)
Voice : We had to make sure it was priced appropriately for a group of four people from Kansai~
ken : Would you tell us what the price was?
Voice : I cannot go that far. (laughs)
ken : (laughs)
Voice : As expected of Kansai natives, you betray expectations when it comes to financial matters. (laughs) By the way, there are four glasses over there. For yukihiro-san who does not drink alcohol, we have prepared some cola.
yuki : Thank you very much~
ken : Is it expensive cola?
Voice : Well, I think cola is generally always the same price (laughs). We thought it would be acceptable. Now, please help yourselves. You can each drink as you like. And, while you do so, tell us what you think of the taste. Let’s start with hyde-san.
hyde : Ah, well…
Voice : You take the champagne. (Sound of unwrapping) Take the.. take the champagne…

Pon!! (hyde says nothing, but the cork takes off)

all : Oooh (laugh)
hyde : Ah.. sorry, I spilled some. (laughs)
all : (laugh)
ken : So, can we start pouring now?
hyde : Ah, yeah, guess so…
ken : Yeah yeah.. I guess I’ll be pouring for hyde? (laughs)
hyde : Yeah yeah yeah.. ah, not so much. (laughs)
ken : Yeah, there you go. (laughs)
Voice : The glass is foaming up to the brim. And now we’ll have hyde-san pour for ken-san.
ken : There there there. One thing at a time.
hyde : One thing.
ken : Just one thing. (laughs) Yeah yeah yeah yeah…
Voice : Somehow, you seem like you’d be a threat to downtown. You’re pouring that champagne like you were going to town. Now, let’s have hyde-san pour for tetsu-san.
hyde : Okay, okay. (laughs)
tetsu : Uh huh (laughs)
Voice : Now, ken-san, could you pour the cola too?
ken : Ok, just this once.
yuki : Yes yes yes…
Voice : Now, all the glasses are full. Does anyone have a toast to make?
ken : Who, me?
Voice : ken-san, if you would.
ken : Then, to the tenth album~! Congratulations~! (laughs) Cheers!
hyde : Cheeers.
tetsu : Cheers.
yuki : Cheers.

(sound of clinking glasses)

Voice : Congratulations~~~
hyde : Is it really OK to drink? (whispered)
Voice : Yes, you can really drink it. Feel free.
ken : Ow! My foot hurts!
Voice : Ah, ken-san, as soon as you start drinking!
tetsu : Ain’t it awful when he drinks? (laughs)
Voice : Despite a broken foot, ken-san came to the radio studio for a drink. Few people would go so far. Now, everyone is wetting their throats. This should make for interesting two hour chat on All Night Nippon. It’s a pleasure!
hyde : Yes, but first a song from the album. Here’s Killing Me!

~Killing me~
(BGM : intro from EXISTENCE)

all : L’Arc~en~Ciel’s All Night Nippon!

hyde : So, let’s get on with it. Tonight on All Night Nippon, the four members of L’Arc~en~Ciel are here. (slurring) Eeh..I had me some champagne.
ken : Yeah.
hyde : Ugh.
ken : We’re on the second round.
hyde : The second round is when it starts feeling good. (laughs) Hey, don’t you have a broken foot?
ken : Um, so what?
hyde : Aro (it sounds like he tried to say to say “ano”) you shouldn’t be drinking?
ken : The doctor did tell me I shouldn’t.
hyde : He must have said that for a reason.
ken : Didn’t tell me why.
hyde : Maybe he was just being mean.
ken : Ah.. haha (laughs) What’s the point of that? (laughs) Doctors.. they’re pop, lately.
hyde : Oh, yeah.
ken : Yup, “So you broke something” … “No booze for you!”
hyde : Yay?
ken : Yeah (laughs) Like yaay! The first doctor I went to had this super serious face, when he told me it was broken. I figured that was bad enough. Then the next one I talked to said “Oh, it’s a fracture!” (in a cheerful voice). That one gave me the will to live!
hyde : I see.
ken : That’s what the doctor said. I think it’s important.
hyde : That’s deep.
ken : Yeah yeah yeah. Well, there’s gotta be another side to things. I think I’m drunk.
hyde : Ah.
ken : But I’m OK, I’m OK.
hyde : You are.
ken : Yes.
hyde : Yes, for now. Tonight’s theme is the new album, AWAKE.
ken : Yeah.
hyde : It means ‘to awaken’.
Voice : There. L’Arc~en~Ciel have told us, on All Night Nippon, the meaning of their new album, AWAKE. It has the theme of awakening. Let’s have them tell us all about AWAKE.
hyde : Okaay.
Voice : Are you ready?

(Their responses start to loosen up)

Voice : We haven’t heard much, yet. (laughs)
all : (laugh)
Voice : I don’t want to push you, but I’d like to get things going.
hyde : Yes.
Voice : So then, let’s have hyde-san, red-faced with two cups of champagne, start.
hyde : Yes.
Voice : What is the theme of this new album, AWAKE?
hyde : Theme? Um… Love and peace.
Voice : .. I had a feeling it would be something like that~
all : (laugh)
hyde : Nah, I’m making things up. (laughs)
Voice : Love and peace? (laughs)
hyde : Yeaaaah. (laughs)
Voice : Er, what were your reasons for focusing on love and peace?
hyde : Wh, why? (laughs) When I was writing music, I was thinking about what would be good for lives… For the lyrics, what was it again? For people… No matter where. But in the end it was about love and peace.
Voice : It sounds like you’re changing your story. (laughs)
hyde: Oh, am I? (laughs)
Voice : You say that it ended up being about love and peace, what do the other members have to say about that?

ken : ……
tetsu : ……
yukihiro : ……

Voice : No, you can say anything you want. I think this could be quite interesting.
all : (laugh)
Voice : You seem rather nervous. Are you all right?
ken : Ah, it’s just something I heard. I thought I smelled something familiar, but it turns out I was wrong. It’s not much to talk about. Just filling time (laughs)
Voice : That was ken-san, from behind. How are you, tetsu-san?
tetsu : I’m behind, too.
Voice : At the back.
tetsu : Yes.
Voice : What kind of timing is this?
tetsu : Let me see… Since you mentioned the title?
hyde : Hm.
tetsu : For sure. Yes.
Voice : Anyway, the title is AWAKE. (laughs)
all : (laugh)
hyde : Shaddup, you’re noisy. (laughs)

(all laugh)

Voice : You’re going to get difficult. (laughs)
tetsu : No, well, is there a connection?
hyde : Hm.
tetsu : Love and peace.
hyde : That’s… all of humanity hasn’t awakened to it. Isn’t it deep of me to talk about those good things? (laughs) Good, right?
Voice : … We’ve just passed 1 AM. (laughs) Are you happy?
hyde : Yes, we’re good. (laughs)
all : (laugh)
hyde : Hmm… When I was writing the lyrics, I was mostly going for that “as a person” feel. Now, we’re still definitely repeating history.. Like with wars, they don’t really end. Hmm, no matter how many people get killed, we just keep going through it all again, stupidly. Even when we know it’s destroying us, we pretend nothing’s happening and live normally.
tetsu : Hmmmmm…
hyde : What I want to say is.. I want it to stop repeating. I want people to awaken to that meaning.
Voice : …deep.
hyde : Deep. (laughs)
Voice : Deeeep. (laughs)
hyde : Totally serious… (laughs)
Voice : We’ve made a deep connection with love and peace. Thank you very much. Now, yukihiro-san?
yuki : Yees.
Voice: Do you have anything to add? To the depth of this love and peace.
yuki : Right on.
Voice : … Thank you very much.
yuki : Fufufu (laughs)

Voice : Right, let’s continue with yukihiro-san.
yuki : Yes.
Voice : Is it true then when L’Arc starts to work on a new album, you get a quota?
yuki : Yeah. They tell us to make lots of songs.
Voice : By the way,
yuki : Yes.
Voice : How many songs did you make, this time around?
yuki : Me? I just made one. (laughs)
all : (laugh)
Voice: Oh? (laughs) That’s entirely different from what you answered just a few seconds ago.
yuki : Yeah. (laughs)
Voice : Ah, let’s ask the others then. How many did the other members make? First, hyde-san?
hyde : I did five.
Voice : Ah, five songs.
hyde : Yeess.
Voice : ken-san?
ken : Four songs…
Voice : Four songs. tetsu-san?
tetsu : Huh? ken-chan did five.
ken : No way?
tetsu : Really, really.
ken : You’re lying? (laughs)
tetsu : It’s true. But only four of them had demos, so that’s how many you played…
ken : Oh really?
tetsu : Yeah, so one more makes five songs.
ken : Mm… I forgot! Ok, so make that five songs!
Voice : You’d think the artist himself would know the correct answer.
ken : Nah, I don’t even remember my own life from last year.
tetsu : (laughs)
all : (laugh)
Voice : Are you OK with being so uncertain about things? (laughs)
ken : Yeah, usually.
Voice : So it was five songs.
ken : Yes.
Voice : Now, how many songs for tetsu-san?
tetsu : I made my quota, of five songs. Five, plus tossing out some old ones. The total was seven. I went a bit over.
Voice : Seven songs, that’s wonderful. Now that we’ve heard from everyone, back to yukihiro-san. Something seems to be bothering him…
yuki : Yes. (laughs)
Voice : Eh, yukihiro-san.
yuki : Yes.
Voice : What did the other members say to you when you turned up with only one song?
yuki : Oh yeah… hehehe. (laughs) Something like.. come back when you have a little more.
Voice : This time.
yuki : Yes.
Voice : Who was it that complained the most?
yuki : (laughs)
tetsu : Wasn’t it the manager? (laughs)
yuki : (laughs) Yeah… It was. Our manager, from the office. (laughs)
Voice : That must have been a serious business talk.
yuki : (laughs)

Voice : Now, let’s continue. Let’s hear from hyde-san.
hyde : Yes.
Voice : When you were making your songs, surely you must have expected the other members to react a certain way, when they first heard what you were making for this album…
hyde : Mmhmm.
Voice : When you first showed it to them…
hyde : Mmhmm
Voice : How did it go?
hyde: Um.. hmm… mm… Well, it felt like they were seeing me naked.
Voice. Oh. Have they seen you naked before?
hyde : Ahahaha (laughs) All the time. (laughs)

(all laugh)

Voice : So, how did everyone react to seeing you naked this time around?
hyde : Huh? They didn’t… they weren’t expecting it. (laughs)
Voice : Let’s ask around about how it was to see that. ken-san, what did you think?
ken : Well, something was kinda hanging.

(Everyone in the studio laughs)

ken : Well, the crap he brought out needed arrangements. And smoothing over. To make it into decent music.
Voice : But that didn’t change hyde’s feelings.
hyde : (laughs)
Voice: Now, tetsu-san, how about you?
tetsu : No, no, I was impressed. Wow…
Voice : Now hyde-san seems to be smiling discretely.
hyde : Fufu (laughs)
Voice : Now for yukihiro-san?
yuki : Eh… hyde-kun is impressive, naked. That’s what I thought.
Voice : hyde-san is reaching for the champagne again.
hyde : Yes. (laughs)
Voice : There you have it, the message of love and peace.

Voice : Continuing, now it’s tetsu-san’s turn.
tetsu : Yes.
Voice : When writing music, what do you have to have in order to get things done?
tetsu : Let’s see… my car. Hehehe. (laughs)
Voice : Not your instruments?
tetsu : Instruments… I need those at the end. When I first start writing the song, I need to be in my car.
Voice : So, you go for a ride in your car?
tetsu : Yes. Just for a change of pace. I go out for drives. In the middle of the night. The roads are clear, then. When I’m driving around, I get lots of ideas. That’s when they float out to me.
Voice : Do you just hum out the music, since you’d be holding the wheel?
tetsu : Huhu (laughs) Yeah, that’s it.
Voice : And you manage to remember the melody.
tetsu : Yes.
Voice : I wouldn’t think it would be possible to memorize while driving, so what do you do?
tetsu : I use an IC recorder; it looks like a cell phone. I pretend I’m talking on the phone. But I guess I’m not supposed to be doing that…
all : (laugh)
tetsu : I might get stopped by the police, by mistake.
Voice : You’d better be careful, next time.
tetsu : Right.
hyde : IC recorders aren’t banned?
tetsu : They aren’t.
hyde: They’re legal.
tetsu : Yeah.
hyde : So, you’re fine.
tetsu : (laughs)
Voice : Please explain about IC recorders, tetsu-san. I imagine they’re rather delicate.
all : (laugh) Voice : Be careful.
tetsu : Yes.

Voice : Continuing with hyde-san.
hyde : Yes.
Voice : hyde-san, you wrote many lyrics for this album. Where do you get your inspiration from when you write lyrics?
hyde : Ehhhh…. Let’s see. First I listen to the music. I listen to the song, then something pops into my head.
Voice : You always think of the same things?
hyde : Ah! This time, I kept the same theme the whole time. Nothing else moved me, this time around. So everything has the same theme. The same.. feeling, approached from different angles. It’s like the way looking at Mt Fuji from Shizuoka isn’t the same as looking at it from Yamanashi.
all : (laugh)
Voice : Quite a tangible difference~
hyde : That’s the feeling? But even from a lake, you can tell it’s Mt Fuji.
ken : Fuji’s reflection?
hyde : It’s still Fuji.
Voice : This is starting to turn into 5000-yen talk.
hyde : (laughs)
Voice : Confusing, isn’t it?
hyde : Yes.
Voice : Thank you very much. We have heard much about the album, and we will continue asking questions to everyone after this break. Now, a track from the new album, AWAKE. ken-san, please do the introduction.
ken : So, here’s L’Arc~en~Ciel’s LOST HEAVEN, please listen!


BGM : Killing Me’s intro
all : L’Arc~en~Ciel’s All Night Nippon!

hyde : Nyai (Sounds like he tried to say “hai” and “nai” at the same time / “Yes” and “No”) Tonight on All Night Nippon we have hyde and
ken : ken and
tetsu : tetsu and!
yukihiro : yukihiro here~
hyde : All four of us here! Let’s keep going~?

Voice : ken-san’s face is getting redder and redder as we go on.
ken : I’m drunk! (laughs)
Voice : That answer says it all (laughs). It seems you are enjoying yourself thoroughly.
ken : Owwwww.

Voice : Ah~?
ken : My foot hurts.
Voice : Ah~ has it been a long time since you last drank?
ken : The last time was about eight months ago.
Voice : Eight months ago.
ken : Yeees.
Voice : That’s a bit of a problem.
ken : I’m pretty dizzy.
Voice : Dizzy… By the way, is it rare for the four of you to go drinking?
ken : We usually don’t~~
Voice : Usually not.
ken : About once or twice a year.
Voice : Once or twice a year…but it’s not that you don’t enjoy drinking… clearly. (laughs)
ken : Just for New Years, and the end of a tour.
Voice : Ah~
ken : That’s when we drink our lives away, all of us.
hyde : I don’t even know where you guys go drink… your bars and corners.
ken : Oh yeah..

Voice : You’re simple drinkers (laughs) Now, let’s start the talk with hyde-san and ken-san. Earlier, all four of you discussed AWAKE. Continuing with the same topic, I think we should discuss a personal awakening for each of you. You can each take a turn. What do you use to wake yourself up? hyde-san, if you could please start us off.

hyde : Er… the manager. (Answered quickly)
(everyone in the studio laughs)

Voice : (laughs)… a person? (laughs)
hyde : Yes.
Voice : A person… (laughs) You don’t have any other method for waking up?
hyde : Just once in a while.
Voice : Sometimes. What do you use for those occasions?
hyde : An alarm clock.
Voice : An alarm clock.
hyde : Um… it’s old-fashioned. The… kind that still rings after you hit it. Like, it rings again five minutes later.
Voice : That’s because you don’t get up right away…
hyde : Ah, well, nothing else wakes me up.
Voice : Ah~.
hyde : It’s exactly right for me. You know how at first, your eyes just kind of open gradually?
Voice : It sounds like you don’t wake up nicely.
hyde : I’m a bad waker.
Voice : Ah, well, let’s move on. How about you, ken-san?
ken : Same for me… manager.
all : (laugh)

Voice : L’Arc~en~Ciel’s manager seems to have an exhausting job, as far as I can tell. ken-san, you probably don’t use any other methods.
ken : Mainly, it’s the manager~
Voice : Mostly, manager-san.
hyde : Well, you know. The time we need to set a clock for changes, like, depending on how bad the traffic is, and where we need to go that day.
Voice : Ah~.
ken : (laughs)
hyde : So it’s good to have someone take care of the timing, every day.
Voice : Wonderful explanation. Thank you very much.
ken : (laughs)
hyde : Sorry. (laughs)

Voice : Now how about you, tetsu-san?
tetsu : I use a normal alarm clock, or I set my cell phone to wake me up.
Voice : Ho. It seems you’re more accurate with time. Have you always been like that?
tetsu : Uhhm.. Maybe? But lately, I haven’t been getting up.
Voice : Why?
tetsu : Huh?
Voice : Why haven’t you been waking up?
tetsu : How come? Cause I’ve been tired? (laughs)
Voice : Aah, be sure to take care of yourself.
tetsu : Yes. (laughs)
Voice : And now, how about yukihiro-san?
yuki : For me, it’s the manager.
Voice : (stifling laughter) You could all take a lesson from tetsu-san. (laughs)
tetsu : Aren’t they something? I wouldn’t… I don’t want to hear the manager’s voice first thing in the morning.

(Everyone in the studio laughs. Is the manager there too?)

ken : Yeah, well, if I don’t get a call from the manager, I won’t go out.
tetsu : Ah, I see, that’s how it is.
ken : Yeah.
hyde : I’d just be grumpy.
ken : Yeah.
hyde : I won’t answer to less than two tries. Hey. HEY!
ken : (laughs) So yeah, I think having to go out is a poison, that we get from the phone call.
hyde : Cause we don’t know if we’ll need to get up or not.
tetsu : Yeah, yeah. Can’t know if you’ll have to be woken up, or if you’ll have to sleep in.
hyde : Um, have to?
ken : Um… forget it. (laughs)
tetsu : Forget about it? (laughs)
hyde : Maybe, maybe I’m actually sleeping. (laughs)
ken : Eh, I wonder if the manager thinks that way? Think so?
hyde : If it were me, I would…
ken : But then you’d be in charge of waking me up (cracks up laughing)

all : (laugh)
hyde : Oh, would I? (laughs) So you’d be late once in a while? (laughs) That’s what would happen, right?
ken : Nah, well, it probably would. (laughs)
all : (laugh)

hyde : See~ (laughs)
Voice : It seems there is much love between you. (laughs)

Voice : Now, let’s continue. This time, let’s have all four participate. What was your… sexual awakening like? ken-san, please start us off.

tetsu : Sex… (laughs) (Tries to stifle his laughter)
ken : Ah.. it was on TV. Dirty (ladies?)

all : (laugh)

ken : They were doing it on TV (laughs) Women, on a completely wholesome TV show! Mud wrestling with boob-squeezing… And splashing mud.
Voice : That doesn’t sound wholesome… (laughs)
ken : It was on at 7 pm~. They were already showing the hard stuff that early. So, yeah, I didn’t really get it, didn’t know what it was. Why are these nice ladies doing hard stuff like this? What does it mean? I asked my mom that question.
Voice : Ah.. and how did she react to that?
ken : We had a long talk. (laughs)
Voice : The big talk. (laughs)

ken : “What are you watching?!”

Voice : … the birds and the bees talk.
ken : Yeaah.
Voice : Wonderful.
ken : Mmm~
Voice : Let’s continue by asking tetsu-san. How was it for you?
tetsu : Sexual awakening… When was it? … Um… when… when was it… I can’t quite seem to remember.
Voice : Talk about your awakening.
tetsu : What? Um…??
Voice : Elementary school? Middle school?

tetsu : Ah..

Voice : It’s usually by then that everyone has their sexual awakening.
tetsu : Yeah, it was while I was in school. Probably.
Voice : Middle school?
tetsu : Middle school… Um..? In middle school… yeah, it was middle school, probably.
Voice : Then.. take your time to think about it.

tetsu : Fufu (laughs)

Voice : We’ll come back to tetsu-san later.

tetsu : Wha~?

Voice : hyde-san, when did your sexual awakening come?
hyde : Ah, well, in bed, -that- started.. expanding.
ken : Hm? What was? (laughs)
hyde : Can I say that here? (laughs)
ken : Probably not. (laughs)
hyde : So I rubbed -that-, and, oh? It felt good~.
ken : (laughs)

all : (laugh)
hyde : (laughs) That was probably.. in the top years of elementary school, I think.
Voice : In the last years of elementary school…
ken : (cackling) You used your imagination (laughs)
hyde : Yeah, well, my old lady was sleeping nearby. (laughs)

(All laugh hard, especially ken-chan)

hyde : I have lots of memories of that, doing it by myself. (laughs)
ken : Did you get frustrated?
hyde : I slept like an old lady. (laughs)
ken : Sound asleep.
hyde : Yeah.
ken : More like pretending to sleep.
hyde : Maybe so.

ken : Hm.
Voice : I think your old lady was better off not knowing.
ken & hyde : (laugh)
Voice : Now lets ask yukihiro-san. How was it for you?
yuki : For me it was middle school… with my senpai, at the time.

(After a moment of silence, all laugh)

hyde : … no… no way. (laughs)
ken : (laughs)
hyde : What.. what kind of sexual awakening? What’s the story? (laughs)

tetsu : (laughs)

hyde : Heeey? (laughs)
yuki : Sexual awakening…
tetsu : That means your first sexual experience… (laughs)

(Everyone in the studio laughs hard)

yuki : Oh, well, you know. (laughs)

tetsu : We know, already. I see. Ah~
hyde : Sorry… (laughs)
all : (laugh)
Voice : Such joy. (laughs)
yuki : Yeaaah. (laughs)
Voice : And now, back to tetsu-san…
tetsu : Ah, well, for me it was probably.. middle school.. Eh..? Must’ve been my girlfriend back in middle school.
Voice : That might be going farther than just awakening. (laughs)
tetsu : Nono, my first experience wasn’t in middle school was it? It was just, that. Starting to notice girls, gradually becoming aware, of that stuff. The opposite sex. Isn’t that all it is?
hyde : Hmm… We kinda sound. Like idiots.(laughs)

all : (laugh)
ken : Reeaally idiotic. (laughs) I remember, I still didn’t know about porn and stuff when I started getting my first erections. (laughs)

(All laugh hard)

Voice : ken-san’s face is all red. He is red because of these great revelations. That he was nice enough to share. (laughs)

… And now a commercial break.

(BGM : Intro to EXISTENCE)
all : L’Arc~en~Ciel’s All Night Nippon!

Voice : Let’s move on to questions.
ken : Huhuhu.(laughs) Who’s this?(laughs)
Voice : Rubbing in his futon, hyde-san.
hyde : That’s enough of that. (laughs) That isn’t hyde. (laughs)
ken : (laughs)
Voice : In middle shool, with his senpai, yukihiro-san.
all : (laugh)
Voice : With his girlfriend in middle school, tetsu-san.
tetsu : (laughs)
Voice : Finally, watching the ladies play, ken-san.
all : (laugh)
Voice : Are you ready to move on?
hyde : Gladly (laughs).

Voice: Continuing! Let’s find out about your musical awakening. Let’s start with yukihiro-san.
yuki : Ok. I think it was TV shows.
Voice : TV programs?
yuki : Um, am I allowed to say the show’s name?
Voice : Please do.
yuki : Um.. The Best Ten? Hm? Yeah.
Voice : Ah, many artists appeared on that program… Did anyone in particular remain in your mind?
yuki : Um… Ippudo. Tsuchiya Masami-san, from that.
Voice : Like, Sumire September Love.
yuki : Yeah, that song. Exactly.
Voice : Did you have the CD, or rather the record?
yuki : Yes.
Voice : You bought it yourself?
yuki : Ah, yes. I did.
Voice : These are unexpected roots.

Voice : Ok, next, how about hyde-san?
hyde: Eh… Off Course, probably.
Voice : Ohh. What was it about Off Course that attracted you?
hyde : Hmmmmmmmmm, let’s seee. It’s just that I kind of liked them. And they came on tour. To my hometown.
Voice : How old were you at the time?
hyde : Elementary school.. probably sixth grade?
Voice : You went to concerts at that age?
hyde : Yes. I did.
Voice : Ah. The first concert I went to was Oda Kazumasa-san.
hyde : Yeah, the first one I went to was Wada Akiko, actually.
Voice : (laughs) So, how old were you for that Wada Akiko-san concert?
hyde : That was early on in elementary school.
Voice : Ohh… But you weren’t awakened yet, at the time?
hyde : No, I wasn’t awake. “Oh, there’s lots of grown-ups here.” (Said in a childish tone).
Voice : With the job you have now, you could meet Wada Akiko-san or Oda Kazumasa-san if you wanted to.
hyde : Ah, I haven’t met Oda-san.
Voice : You haven’t met yet. Would you like to? What do you think?
hyde : No, I’m scared.
Voice : Scared?
hyde : (laughs)
Voice : You’re scared?
hyde : It’s just that… I have a lot of respect for these people… I’d be bothering them if we met up. That kind of scared.
Voice : Oh.. You still have your straightforward, boyhood feelings towards them.
hyde : Yes, I’ll always have those strutfor.. stratfo.. Um. Straightforward feelings. I’m not used to that word.(laughs)
ken : Now he’s playing innocent.(laughs)
all : (laughs)

Voice : Now, let’s continue. tetsu-san, what was yours like?
tetsu : It was in elementary school, around sixth year. Either that or first year middle school. YMO… yeah. And I liked Ippudo too.
Voice : How did you encounter YMO?
tetsu : On TV, wasn’t it?
Voice : TV… I guess it was more your classmates at the time, but did your friends also like YMO?
tetsu : Um.. two or three people in my class did.
Voice : Ah, did you have fun together?
tetsu : Um, what do you mean? Huh? (laughs)
Voice : Like trading tapes among yourselves. Or maybe doing covers of them, in a band.
tetsu : Nah, not then. I wasn’t doing that sort of thing yet, in elementary school. I didn’t buy any of their records, but I did have tapes.
Voice : Did you make a tape with records you borrowed?
tetsu : I used rented records for that.
Voice : Ah, you started out just like a normal music fan.
tetsu : Yeah. That’s right.
Voice : Thank you very much.

Voice : Lastly, ken-san, what was your musical awakening like?
ken : We had some kind of records, at home. Movie soundtracks, or something.
Voice : Yes.
ken : Like for Godfather or something. Um.. I listened to that? And I must’ve really been impressed, cause I listened to it a lot. Then I don’t really remember what I was like in elementary school (laughs). I don’t know why I was listening to that lonely music in elementary school. Nothing special happened.
Voice : Do you have a sad memory associated with The Godfather?
ken : Oh, yeah. But nothing sad happened to me.
Voice : Maybe just the feeling of sadness.
ken : Not.. quite. Even though it’s sad, it made me feel good. That’s what’s strange about it. Oh, but I don’t mean like an erection.
Voice: (Refraining from laughing) Thank you for that superfluous clarification.
ken : Ahahahaha (laughs).

Voice : And now, yet another track from the new album, AWAKE. Let’s have tetsu-san do the introduction.
tetsu : Yes! TRUST!

(BGM : twinkle, twinkle)
all : L’Arc~en~Ciel’s All Night Nippon!

hyde : Broadcasting on 36 channels from downtown Tokyo’s station. OK, all four of us are here for L’Arc~en~Ciel’s All Night Nippon.
ken : Yes.
hyde : Eh.. tonight’s topic is the title of the new album, AWAKE. For two hours, we’re doing talks with the theme ‘to awaken’.
ken : Yees.
hyde : Um.. this time, the All Right.. Ni.. Night Nippon (He’s putting a lot of effort into pronouncing this right) homepage was set up so that questions concerning ‘awakening’ could be sent in by email during the broadcast?
ken : Yup.
hyde : That’s what they told us. Wow, we got a lot of emails. Let’s introduce some.
ken : Hmm.
hyde : ken-chan, you do it.

ken : Eh… This from Aya-chan in Fukuoka. [When I was in middle school, I liked to watch erotic programs late at night. Once, when I was channel surfing, I happened to catch a L’Arc~en~Ciel song. The mysterious artistry of Kasou impressed me and drew me in. When I saw it, I though “Wow, we have a band this cool in Japan!” and I was… moved. If I could meet L’Arc~en~Ciel, I would gladly show them my sexual desire.].. is what it says.
This is from a girl?
hyde : Is it a girl? (laughs)
ken : Yeah. A girl wrote this…. sexual desire letter. They really have late night shows that turn girls on? (laughs)
hyde : I wouldn’t know, I don’t know anything about that.
ken : I don’t know… there’s stuff hidden in the late shows.
hyde : Hmm…
ken : Mm.

tetsu : Hmmmmmm.

all : ……
hyde : ……. Ah! tetchan, go ahead.
tetsu : Ok! (laughs) The next letter is from Misaki-chan. Thank you. [I was awakened to L’Arc on NHK’s Kouhaku Utagassen. At the time, hyde-san was wearing red contacts, (hyde is making “uh huh” noises the whole time) and I had never seen anyone with red eyes before. I was in first grade at the time…]
hyde : Elementary school? (laughs)
tetsu : [It was so shocking for me to see that I still remember it now.]

hyde: That must have been… the year of the rabbit…
ken : Oh, that’s not too recent?
hyde : Or maybe the year after that was the rabbit…
ken : I don’t follow that stuff. (laughs)

hyde : (laughs) I’m probably wrong…

ken : Hmm… So, when the year of the monkey comes… monkeys.
hyde : Right right right right.
ken : I see. I’ll have to be careful.

yuki : Ok, this is from a 14-year-old using the radio name of Makyuu.. san.
[My awakening to L’Arc was through Fullmetal Alchemist. At the time, I really liked FMA. That’s how I found out about L’Arc. I found an anime magazine in a convenience store with FMA on the cover, and when I read it I saw (Reading this in a monotone voice), the opening theme is done by L’Arc~en~Ciel, that’s how I learned your name. At first I asked “Who is that?” as my only reaction. And then when I went home, I watched Music Station. Tamori-san said “Next we have L’Arc~en~Ciel” and introduced L’Arc. I felt a bit of strange tension (the other members are laughing)… I was strongly mesmerized by READY STEADY GO. When the song ended, I was sweating. Of course, it was not cold sweat. It was sweat from the heart. L’Arc is the best~ That’s when I was awakened. I don’t think there’s anyone left who would ask “Who is this?” about you. (yukkie is saying this with strange tension)]
hyde : Heh~.
ken : Hmmm.
tetsu : Heh.
hyde : I.. went to a bookstore once. In Shibuya.

(all members make understanding sounds)

hyde : I was killing time in a bookstore, and they had an FMA poster on display.
ken : Yeah.
hyde : Ah, so they’re displaying that… At the time, I didn’t know much about it.
ken : Mm.
hyde : Well, they’d already done the tie-in, but I didn’t know anything about FMA. All I knew was.. it’s about a guy in fourth-grade or so, and his little brother in first grade.
(others make agreement noise)
hyde : So, on the poster it was the little brother pointing and saying “He’s the FullMetal Alchemist” (laughs)
all :(laugh)

hyde : But, the young one looks older, so I said “Oh.” I wanted to know more about those two characters.. Erm.. “Ah, so this manga is popular now” (laughs)
all : (laugh)

hyde : I thought.. it would be heartwarming.
ken : (laughs)
yuki : That’s not exactly how it goes. (laughs)
hyde : No kidding. (laughs)

ken : (laughs) Ok, the next letter is from Atsuko-chann~, in Kagoshima. [My awakening to L’Arc was with STAY AWAY. At the time, I was in the dance club in high school, so when I saw the video, with all the members doing such a complicated dance, I wanted to try the same movements. I thought your band had more skill than I do, with my dance club, and I was honestly jealous. Later, I found out it was really CGI with pro dancers doing the work, and I remember being very relieved. Anyway, it was a very shocking awakening.] Hmm.. I guess it leaves an impression. That promotion video.
hyde : I wouldn’t have thought anyone would go that far. I thought people would just smile when they saw it.(laughs)

all : (laugh) ken : You don’t expect people to feel that strongly~
hyde : People don’t seriously expect us to dance, do they? That’s really surprising.
ken : Hmm.. It is kinda weird.
hyde : It’s weird.
ken : At the time, yeah, hyde danced, just a little.
hyde : Only a tiny bit.
ken : Dancing really.. suits me the least. That’s what my teachers always said.
hyde : Really? (laughs)
ken : Now that I’m grown up… They can’t say anything against me.
hyde : Ah~
ken : They were really hard on me. And besides, that’s what really matters. From the neck up, it was our CG, and for the hand movements too. I guess some people still hold a grudge. The intro to New World starts playing)
hyde : hm?
ken : Oh.
yuki : Eh.. so now listen to another song! Here’s L’Arc~en~Ciel’s New World!

~New World~

(BGM : AS ONE’s intro)
hyde : hyde here.
ken : ken here.
tetsu : tetsu here.
yuki : yukihiro here.
all : L’Arc~en~Ciel’s All Night Nippon!
(BGM : Killing Me)

Voice : Tonight’s show is a tribute to the hit album, AWAKE. L’Arc~en~Ciel’s All Night Nippon. This AWAKE is the tenth original album since L’Arc~en~Ciel’s debut in 1994. With 12 new songs on this album, L’Arc~en~Ciel have produced over 100 original songs. Which songs among these have the most meaning for each of the four members? This question is of interest to their fans. Now, we will have each member present an older song and give his thoughts about it. We will also ask a few questions…..

Voice : Let’s start again with the vocalist, hyde. hyde-san, which song do you have strong memories of?
hyde : Eh.. It’s not actually on an album…
Voice : (laughs)
hyde : Sorry. It was the c/w for the winter fall single, metropolis.

(BGM : metropolis)
Voice : What do you think of this song?
hyde : This is a good song. Extremely good. It’s got a good tune… Well, this isn’t really related. But, I… Um.. (clears his throat) Um. I’m still having relations with a teacher from when I was in elementary school. Ummmm, it was a really good teacher.. That’s not what I meant to say. That good teacher didn’t exactly give me a blessing or anything, but once in a while when I remember what I was blessed with in elementary school, my relations with that teacher come up, uh… Every time that single comes up, I want to send it to that teacher. When winter fall came out as a single, I sent it… because of the lyrics to metropolis.. oh, this sounds bad. … but it was… gentle…

ken : Ah, that does sound bad~
hyde : It’s the lyrics.
Voice : Ah~

(the line “Hametsu wa Mado no Soto~” part from metropolis plays again, meaning “Destruction is outside the window”)

hyde : That line, exactly.(laughs)
Voice : Let’s listen for a while.

(During the line “Furueru Kairaku ni Oborete” the members laugh, meaning “Drowning in trembling pleasures”)
(They don’t resume talking until the line “Seiki wo Iashite” has played, meaning “healing genitals”)

ken : That says a lot. (laughs)
hyde : (laughs) This makes me want to say.. “Oh, I’m so sorry, teacher.” (laughs)

ken : (laughs)
Voice : Please tell us more about this teacher. Were they male or female?
hyde : Oh, it was a woman teacher.

Voice : A female teacher…

hyde : A woman.. teacher.. Yeah, well, I guess I can’t help but reveal it now. That teacher left a huge impression on me.(laughs) She probably tells her students now “You know, I taught hyde from L’Arc”. I bet it makes them more interested in her. They wouldn’t think this had anything to do with her. But, you know, I tried to write that song, those lyrics, dozens of times before. Whenever I try to write perverted lyrics, I picture that teacher in my mind. (laughs) She, uh.. stimulates my imagination~
ken : She’s your ideal?
hyde : Yeah, she is.

ken : Ah~
Voice : Even though this is a good song, is that the reason it was never put on an album?
ken : (laughs)
hyde :(laughs) Definitely.(laughs)
Voice : Thank you very much.

Voice : Next, let’s have ken-san share his thoughts on a song.
ken : Ok.
Voice : ken-san, which song did you think of?
ken : I pick the song Voice.
Voice : The circumstances behind that one are especially complex, but please tell us about them.
ken : This is a song from the album DUNE. We had a different version of it. Hm, yeah, we did. When I joined L’Arc, it was the first song I contributed, and then we moved out to Tokyo, right? I was still new. I was impressed, thinking “Wow, Tokyo studios are so big!”(he sounds like he’s talking to himself)

(BGM: Voice – not the version that is on DUNE)
Voice : You’re thinking of the version we’re playing now.
ken : Yes.
Voice : This may very well be the first time this version is broadcast.
ken : Ah~ Maybe so.
Voice : Yes. This is extremely valuable.
ken : At the time, the sound engineer was listening to Metallica.

tetsu : Ah~ (like he just realised something)

ken : We became close, when we were comparing my song to Metallica. (laughs)
Voice : (laughs) Ah, so that explains why this version is harder than the normal one. It’s because of Metallica. (laughs)
ken : Yeah. Comparing it like that.. they do things differently in Tokyo (laughs). Or so I thought at the time. Hmm.
Voice : You lost your Tokyo virginity to Metallica.
ken : To that comparison with Metallica. Yeah.
Voice : So what we’re hearing right now is very reminiscent of Metallica?
ken : That’s what it makes me think of. Yes.
Voice : Thank you very much.
ken : Okay.
Voice : Now, we will continue talking with the other two members, but first we have a commercial break.

(BGM : Intro to New World)
All : L’Arc~en~Ciel’s All Night Nippon!

(BGM : Jiyuu e no Shoutai)
Voice : Commemorating the release of their tenth album, AWAKE, here’s L’Arc~en~Ciel. At this time, the members are taking turns picking a song from the past, introducing it, and telling us their thoughts about it. We’ve gone through hyde-san and ken-san, so now it’s tetsu-san’s turn.

tetsu : Yes.
Voice : tetsu-san, please tell us which song from the last ten albums you chose.
tetsu : I pick winter fall, from the album HEART.

(BGM : winter fall)
Voice : Of all four members, tetsu-san seems to be the one most worried about which song to pick.
tetsu : Yes. (laughs)
Voice : Why is that?
tetsu : Eh.. No particular reason. (laughs)

All : (laugh)

Voice : It’s a well-paced song (laughs)
hyde : Maybe that’s the problem.
Voice : That could be it.
tetsu : (laughs)
Voice : Well then, even if it isn’t much, do you have anything to say about this song?
tetsu : (laughs) Er, I think I can talk a little.
Voice : Then if you could please tell us what you’re thinking?
tetsu : When this single came out.. I think it was the first time we hit number one on the Oricon singles chart. Am I wrong? Am I? Am I right? Manager… (laughs)

ken : Eeeh~
hyde : Ooh~
tetsu : OK? Though our album had hit number one, before that.
hyde : Oh, that’s right.
tetsu : But for singles, it was our first number one.
ken : Ehh~
hyde : Eh.
tetsu : Yeah.
Voice : tetsu-san, do you always check your position on the charts?
tetsu : No, but since it was our first number one, it was especially memorable. (laughs)
Voice : At the time, was there anyone in particular you wanted to share your joy with?
tetsu : Ah.. No there wasn’t.
Voice : (laughs) You kept your joy to yourself.
tetsu : Yes, that’s right.
Voice : You could taste it. Was it especially hard to make that song?
tetsu : Ah.. Recording that album, the album HEART, we lived together, in a mountain retreat. About a whole week, to get our rhythm back. Remember?
ken : Yeah, I do.
tetsu : Writing two songs a day.
yuki : Yeah.
tetsu : And I even… I ran away with yukkie, crying in the mountains.
yuki : We ran out to the mountains, right. (laughs)
ken : You ran away?
tetsu : Mmhmm. (laughs)
ken : (laughs)

tetsu : I deserted you. (laughs)
Voice : While all this harship was going on, hyde-san got lost in his own mind.

all :(laughs)

Voice : He’s eating calmly in his corner.
hyde : Sorry. (laughs)
Voice : What was hyde-san doing during that runaway-in-the-mountains episode?
hyde : Hmm.. I don’t really know (laughs). I must’ve been in the mountains, too.
ken : When the two of them didn’t come back, the engineer and producer said “What’s happening with this band?!” to me… I remember saying “Sorry!” to them. (laughs)

tetsu : (laughs)
yuki : (laughs)
Voice : But they came back safely…
tetsu : Well, yeah, but not at the same time! We came back separately… so it didn’t look like we we’d met up, at all. (laughs)
yuki : (laughs)
Voice : Even more trouble. (laughs)

all : (laugh)
Voice : But when you came back, HEART made number one.

ken : (laughs)

Voice : You obtained that distinction.
tetsu : Right. We did~.
Voice : You worked so hard, you deserved it. Thank you very much.
tetsu : Yes, thank you very much. (laughs)

Voice : Now let’s continue with yukihiro-san.
yuki : Okay.
Voice : Which memorable song did you choose, yukihiro-san?
yuki : I also picked a song from HEART, Niji.

(BGM : Niji)
Voice : yukihiro-san, what do you remember about this song?
yuki : Well, you see.. this was the first song I made with L’Arc. So the recording of it is a special memory for me.
Voice : It was your first recording.
yuki : Yes.
Voice : It must have been very difficult.
yuki : Yes.
Voice : How did it go?
yuki : Ah, well, you see, it was an abrupt start. I wasn’t sure if my own style of drumming was going to work out or not. It went slowly, taking the recordings from each day and looking at how it was shaping up. (laughs) It worked though. (laughs)
Voice: Did the other members welcome you?
yuki : Yes.

Voice : What did you think of them?
yuki : Um.. let me think. I don’t really know. (laughs)
Voice : Let’s ask them what they thought of you.
yuki : Hahahaha. (laughs)
Voice : So then, hyde-san?
hyde : Ah, sorry, I can’t remember.

all: (laugh)
tetsu : That sounds like a problem…(laughs)
Voice : What about you, tetsu-san the leader?
tetsu : Well, I really mostly remember the studio. That basement studio. So, well, my first impression is mixed with that. My impression of yukkie.
Voice : Ohh~. How about ken-san?
ken : Ah~ I thought he could stand to be flashier. I think I said as much to yukkie. Then he showed me what he could do. With flashiness? What am I saying? (laughs) Well, interpret that how you want (laughs).

Voice : Your message gets through (laughs). I think it’s allright. So, thank you very much for your thoughts and memories on that song, yukihiro-san.
yuki : Okay.
Voice : And now, we have a commercial break. After that, we will ask each member about their thoughts on the follow-up to this tenth album, the single being released on July 20th, which will be aired tonight for the first time. But before that, a track from AWAKE. Here’s L’Arc~en~Ciel’s AS ONE.

~ AS ONE ~
(BGM : The intro of Killing Me)
all : L’Arc~en~Ciel’s All Night Nippon!

hyde : …you’re crowding me.
ken : (laughs)
hyde : So! Like we keep saying, the new album is out.
ken : Yup.
hyde : And.. we have another single coming.
ken : Yeah, really quick.
hyde : July (talking at the same time as ken) July 20th. The new L’Arc~en~Ciel single will be Link.

ken : ………
tetsu : ……….
yuki : ………
hyde : …. yeah.
ken : Fufu (laughs)
hyde : Um.. Link’s coming out!
ken : Yes!
hyde : Yeaaah! It’s a really summer-ish song. A calm, happy number… And it’s a song that tet-chan made!
tetsu : Yes.
hyde : Hey, tetsu-san. How is it?
tetsu : How..? Um. It’s summer-like. Refreshing.
hyde : Mmhmm.
tetsu : But you already said that.
hyde : So um… did you write it in your car?
tetsu : Actually, this time I wrote it at home.
hyde : No~ (“Iie”)
tetsu : No, at home (“Ie”) (laughs)
hyde : Hmmm, where at home?
tetsu : … at home. (laughs) Probably my living room.
hyde : Living room.
tetsu : Living room.
hyde : Living… tet-chan, what’s your living room like?
tetsu : At home? (laughs)
hyde : Yeah.
tetsu : Well, I have a sofa…
hyde : Oh, sorry sorry. How many mats? (Note : Tatami mats, of a standard size, can be used to measure a room’s area)

tetsu : Huh?

hyde : How many mats?

ken : (laughs)
tetsu : (laughs) Bad question. You ask dirty questions (laughs). Oh, um, I think it’s smaller than the living room at your place, hyde.
hyde : Ah~ (laughs) I see.

tetsu : Really.

hyde : Oh, really. And it’s all white?
tetsu : Yeah, it’s white.
hyde : White.. So you wrote it in there.
tetsu : In there, yes.(laughs)
hyde : I see. So it’s a classy one. This song.(laughs)
tetsu : It’s not classy… (laughs)

ken : You’re done. (laughs)
tetsu : (laughs)
hyde : Do I make sense? (laughs)

tetsu : Not at all. With that classy thing… (laughs)
hyde : Ah, but isn’t your place classy? In that super-tall building of yours (laughs).
tetsu : Nononono (laughs) But there are a lot of floors.
hyde : Oh, how many?
tetsu : Uncountably many.
hyde : That many? How… nice..
all : (laugh)
hyde : Your furniture, how much is it worth, all together?

all : (laugh)
tetsu : (laughs) What are you… (laughs) What kind of talk is this? Um.. let me see..
hyde : More or less than 10 million yen? (he cut tetsu off to say this)
tetsu : No, um, how can I put this? Um, hyde-san?
hyde : Hm?
tetsu : Are you trying to buy my stuff?
hyde : No no no (laughs) … Okay.. about Link…
tetsu : Link. Yeah, Link.. (laughs)

All : (laugh)

hyde : The song that came out of tet-chan’s living room. I got to take that, this, the? classy song and make up lyrics to it.
ken : Ha, ha.
tetsu : Classier lyrics, too. (laughs)
hyde : They are classy lyrics, aren’t they~?
tetsu : So, where did you write the lyrics?
hyde : For this song, um…

tetsu : Where were you?

hyde : …In the studio.
tetsu : The studio?!
hyde : In the studio, yes, the studio…
tetsu : Aah! In my studio? (laughs)
hyde : Aaah~? (laughs) Ah, they took me into that car. (laughs)
tetsu : (laughs)
hyde : The director, I mean. For FMA. I had a chat with the director cause it’s a tie-in song. He’s really passionate about it. So… I helped make up this classy mix.

tetsu : Fufu (laughs)
hyde : For cohesion.
tetsu : Yeah.
hyde : So I gave it a shot. It turned out to be a cool little number.
tetsu : Mmhmm.

hyde : I think so.
ken : Number. (They’re saying “number” in English this whole time)
hyde : Number, number…what’s with you? Lately. (laughs)
ken : Ah… Hmm? Number?
hyde : Saying things like “Listen to this next number” (laughs)
all : (laugh)
ken : Well, first off I don’t even know what number means. (laughs)
hyde : Number, you know.
ken : Hm~

tetsu : Number…

ken : Ok, so what do you want me to say for this one? The next one?
hyde : Chekitout!! Or something.
ken : Chekeraa? (laughs) Oh.. hmm. I think you mean “Check it out!”

tetsu : Che… (speaking softly)

ken : So, say something about the CD being out, then? Drop, or Out, or something?
hyde : Yeah, that’s it.
ken : I wonder if this is going to become a new popular slang word… I kinda like it. (laughs)
hyde: Like the song.
ken : Mm.
hyde : Ok, lets get on with it and play the upcoming single. Link!

~ Link~

hyde : Ok, so you’ve heard Link. What did you think. Eh.. For people who live in classy places (tetsu goes “Eh?”), this song is wonderful.
tetsu : (laughs)

ken : Fufufu (laughs)
hyde : So! Fo sale on July! 20th!

ken : Yep.

hyde : I said “Fo sale” (laughs). It’ll be released July 20th. ken : Yees.
hyde : Please look forward to it.

(BGM : intro to EXISTENCE)

all : L’Arc~en~Ciel’s All Night Nippon!
(BGM : Intro to AS ONE)
hyde : hyde here.
ken : ken here.
tetsu : tetsu here.
yuki : yukihiro here.
all : L’Arc~en~Ciel’s All Night Nippon!

Voice : Following the release of the new album, AWAKE, is the new single, Link, coming on July 20th. Also, L’Arc~en~Ciel is starting a tour this summer. L’Arc~en~Ciel, AWAKE TOUR 2005, (Much tour date information I’m skipping)… Are all the members looking forward to the tour?

hyde : Yeah. Asia… Live?
ken : Yep.
hyde : AWAKE tour.
ken : Yep.

hyde : Yeah, so we’re doing a lot of lives.
ken : Yeah, yeah.
tetsu : Yeees.
hyde : Eh, that’s enthusiasm.
ken : Enthusiasm?
hyde : Yeah, I want to reach out to everyone.
ken : Ah~.
hyde : With this project.
ken : Personally, I’m looking forward to the AWAKE tour.
hyde : I see.
ken : But this broken foot is bothering me. That’s what’s worrying me. Will I be able to give as much as I did last year?

hyde : Yeah.
ken : That’s all I’m thinking about. Putting on a show for all those people.
hyde : Mmhmm.
ken : And overseas, too. I want to give them some real entertainment.
hyde : I see.
ken : This sucks. I wanna do my best.
hyde : I know what you mean.
ken : Every show this year. Every performance.
hyde : Going all out.
ken : Going all out.
hyde : I know.
ken : This year is like.. What was I gonna say? Oh yeah, it’s like a second rabbit. Well, no. You know what I meant. (laughs)

All : (laugh)

hyde : Yeah, I know. (laughs) This is like the prelude to what you really want to do? And this broken foot is in the way.. at this late stage…
ken : Entertainment? (laughs) hyde : It’s entertainment..

ken : Hehehe (laughs) It is?
hyde : It is, watching you try to stand up.
ken : Oh, I see. (laughs)
hyde : It’s touching.
ken : Ah, touching.
ken : “I still can’t stand up today?” I keep asking myself.
hyde : Mmmhmmhmm.
ken : Looks like I can’t. (laughs)
hyde : Looks that way. (laughs)
ken : Another two days till I can stand.
hyde : Ah, so you’re close.
ken : Yeah, I am.
hyde : Is something wrong?
tetsu : Nah, not really. But, um, I want to make it a wonderful show.
hyde : You like the lives, right?
tetsu : Eh? (laughs) Lives… (laughs) ken : Well, yeah. It’s not something we usually bring up. (laughs)

hyde : Right, right, right.
tetsu : Well, I certainly don’t hate lives.
hyde : Oh…

tetsu : Um…
ken : But you don’t really like them? (laughs)laughs) I do… like them. Once we get started, I like it. It’s like taking a bath. Before you get in, it’s a pain, right?
hyde : Ah.
tetsu : “Ah, do I have to do this again?”.. you know, taking one every day? (laughs) Well, I do, anyway. But once I’m in it’s like “Ah, this feels great~”…

hyde : Then you’re glad you did it.
tetsu : Yeah.
ken : Oh~
tetsu : Lives are like that. It’s horrible when we’re preparing.
ken : Is it?
tetsu : Yeah!? (laughs) Isn’t it? All the rehearsals…
ken : So…?
tetsu : Oh, never mind. (laughs)

ken : Ok… Well, maybe I’m the only one…
hyde : I get it…

All : (laugh)

tetsu : So that’s it…

all : (stifled laughter)
hyde : (laughs)… Okay, what’s going on? (laughs)
all : (laughs)
hyde : This is a promotional talk, a promotion talk.
tetsu : Nah, but it’s fun. For me too. That’s a first.
ken : Your first time.
hyde : Yeah, and after AWAKE tour, we have ASIALIVE. (He trips over the word “live”) China, Korea, then Tokyo Dome. That should be great. Lots of fun.
ken : Yeah.
hyde : Yeah. I hope they cheer as much as I’m imagining.
ken : Yeah, in China.
hyde : But I heard they don’t stand up.
ken : In both?
hyde : I heard that for them, standing up in a live means you’re mad.
ken : Seriously?
hyde : Yeah, in China, anyway.
ken : Whoa~.
hyde : Well, that’s the information I got, but I guess we’ll have to see for ourselves when we go.
ken : We won’t know the atmosphere.
hyde : Oh and… I don’t remember any Chinese.
ken : Really? (laughs) I can chat a little.
hyde : You can? Oh yeah, you spent some time over there.
ken : I went over for a bit.
hyde : So say something.

ken : ……

all : (laugh) ken : (laughs) Wo shi (Note : I don’t know ANY Chinese so sorry if this looks weird!)

hyde : Wo shii?
ken : I am.
hyde : ken shi.
ken : ken. Hmm. I think that’s it. (laughs)

hyde : (laughs)

ken : But just by saying that, you think we can get our feelings across to them?
hyde : Probably.
ken : Yeah.
hyde : What about “We are?”
ken : Ah, don’t ask me. Chat with the manager.

hyde : Hmm.
ken : hyde, what if you sang one song in Chinese? They’ll ask you to.

tetsu : (laughs)
hyde : … what if.. I .. just hide in the shadows, and not talk? (laughs)
ken : (laughs) Go tell that to the public. They’re not gonna take that. And I bet they can think of a different reason, too (laughs)

hyde : Hmm…

tetsu : That’s awful… (laughs)
hyde : Jojoushi or something.. would work.
ken : Yeah yeah, get a choir! Or something.
hyde : Hmm, well, if we had a choir come on, no one would be paying attention to my singing. (laughs)

all : (laugh)
ken : So, it’s just distribution!
hyde : Ah~.
ken : “It looks like hyde is singing the song in Chinese.”
hyde : I get it.
ken : But it’s just katakana.
hyde : Mmhmm.
ken : All of it. Well, yeah.
hyde : Even if we don’t do that, I can still use English, right?
ken : Well, it’s China, you know. (laughs) Their language…
hyde : Better do things their way.
ken : Yeah, well, maybe they’ll be happy anyway.
hyde : Oh, REVELATION would be a good one.
ken : Revelaaation… Um, what do you mean? Sing that part in Chinese or in Korean?
hyde : The “Yuigadokuson” part…

(They laugh)

ken : That already sounds like Chinese. (laughs)
hyde : Sorta. Kinda.
ken : Hmm.
hyde : Well, it feels that way.
ken : Yeah.
hyde : Let’s keep working on that. It should be a fun tour… A good goal? To aim for.

ken : Yes.

hyde : And now! One last song from AWAKE.
ken : Yeah.
hyde : Please listen to this song. Jojoushi.


(BGM : Intro to Killing Me)
all : L’Arc~en~Ciel’s All Night Nippon!
(BGM : Intro to New World)
hyde : Hi! The four of us are here for L’Arc~en~Ciel’s All Night Nippon. We’re coming up to the end now.
ken : Yes.
hyde : So, our tenth project is complete, now.

ken : (laughs) hyde : The next goal is to make it to 20 albums.
ken : We’ll be 60 by then. (laughs)
hyde : Yeah. (laughs) Probably. So… look forward to it. To our 20th album.
ken : Hey, I know today is a radio show, but it doesn’t feel very formal? Not like a meeting at all?
hyde : (laughs)
ken : Like “Please tell us your thoughts on this next song, hyde-san.”
hyde : Ooh, they can’t help but ask that…

(they laugh)

ken : (laughs) This one was more like… a happy little meeting.
hyde : Aah… But there’s something I want to say.. underwater. (laughs)
ken : Hahahaha (laughs) This is getting pointless.
hyde : Yeah, but ken-chan, I don’t think you’ll go for it… you won’t go down there. (laughs)

ken : (laughs)

Voice : Well, we’re running low on time. Let’s finish by asking each member to send a short message to the fans. hyde-san, please start.

hyde : Okay. Thank you very much for being with us today. I had a great time. If we had a bit more time, I’d get tet-chan to reveal more of his private life. But unfortunately we’re out of time. It’ll have to wait till the 20th album. This was hyde.

Voice : Now, ken-san, please.
ken : Oh, ok. So, we’re getting ready to tour AWAKE, I hope we’ll be able to do something extra special this time, as you heard on this radio show! Um… look forward to it!

(BGM : twinkle, twinkle)
Voice: Thank you very much. Now, tetsu-san please.
tetsu : Ok. Um, it was fun. Today. Thank you very much. We’re rehearsing for the tour now, and I think we’ll have lots of fun doing it. Come to the lives!

Voice : Thank you very much. Finally, yukihiro-san, please.
yuki : Okaay. um… Please keep encouraging L’Arc~en~Ciel.

Voice : … A simple finish. (laughs)

(They laugh)

Voice : Thank you very much! You did an exceptional job tonight!
ken : Good work~
tetsu : Good job.
hyde : Yeah, yeah. Oh, thanks for staying with us all night. This has been L’Arc~en~Ciel. … Goodbye~.
ken : Bye bye.
tetsu : Bye byye.
yuki : Byebye..

Translated by Natalie Arnold


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