7 April 2008

Today, I went to Taman Anggrek Mall with Jenni, Rigina, Kodok, and Yulin.
We went there just for eat! *Wondering 0_0
First, we went to Fish& Co. restaurant…
Hey, all of us just ordered Soup and Baguette!
Hell yeah….just made my face blushing at all…
*Still wondering… >_<
We payed Rp 52.000….  After that, we went to Gramedia book store…
I just wanna look around Map Area and I found Bandung City Map.
Hmm….I think I will need the Map if I wanna go there.

And then we went to Honeymoon Desert…
I ordered Mango Jelly…Jelly….Mango… Ah… I forgot what was that food named…
It was very delicious…
But the mango was frozen and made me feel freezing! Brrr….

We ordered 5 different deserts and roll over all of that to everyone so
we can taste those ☆
After ate, we talked about many things ( I won’t say that is GOSSIP!)
we talked about how stupid was Jenni when the Math test last Friday…
8√5! hahahaha… Her head was made from rocks! huahahahha….
*Joking… ^_^
We payed for Rp 112.000…
Not really expensive because each of us just have to pay for Rp 23.000

Hmm…because we sat too long in there, we moved to TA food court.
And then I decided I wanna eat steam rice!
From there, we went to the toilet first…

I looked around…I found Sushigroove!
When I looked at the menu book, I ordered Steam Rice, ebi sushi, and Mini Grill Beef…
As I tought, it was very delicious!

at sushigroove

I recommend this restaurant! Just come and take a look…OK?

my groupies!

(from left to right : Rigina, Kodok, Jeni, me)


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