The 2

2008-04-12 22:51:04
The 2

I have to Tokyo in Aichi comes out today will be in two years (∇ ^ * ^ *)

色んなit was two years!

It was also a quick mind, and not so very long that the ☆

Leave from the university and needs something journey (□ ^ * ^ *)

I just wanted to give people an idea for the event and the journey!

Leave the familiar environment of this is the first time it was ☆

Separately Destination anywhere good. But just because many people are going to come first in Tokyo ☆

無かったらthere nothing after two months and I think it is a desert island!

Tokyo is not the antithesis of the kind of a desert island. ☆

But something出会えました(● ● ^ ^ o)

So the task is no free time, but every day is too stimulating and improvingゞ(≧ ▽ ≦)

We are one of the old friends from when I saw [the current], I never changed it, not talk! !

That’s色んなenvironment and change things, but you have to have a lot of growth and I want to go to (o ≧ ∇ ≦) o

Going to have to travel to seek inspiration for the (* * ^ o ^)


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