22 Juni – 24 Juni 2008

Here we are! At Cihampelas, Bandung.

Bandung was so GREAT! Ciwalk, Jl. Riau, Jl. Banda, Jl. Trunojoyo, Jl. Sultan Agung, Distro, Riau Junction!!! Love Bandung’s Distro so much!!! I bought T-shirts at Oink! and Ripcurl’s bag at Ripcurl discount up to 90%, Ciwalk. Damn, I spend too much money in there~

We stayed at Jenni‘s apartment in Cihampelas area and travel around from distro to distro in there. I realized that the teenagers in Bandung are a lil bit scary. Hohoho~


@Jenni’s Apartment

We still be able to karaoke at Nav until 1 A.M in the morning. Hahaha…The scariest moment was when we go downstairs to the parking lot and it was sooo dark! I ran ASAP to the car and left the other behind~ Lol.

We also drink the famous yogurt at Yogurt Cisangkuy which is made us got a stomachache in the middle of the night after drink it! But honestly, it’s delilious~

In the last day, we went to Kartika Sari to buy gift. And then we went to fishing at Cipaku. Fishing was so fun! So, at night we went to Train Station. Next is Yogyakarta!


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