Diving : Hard-to-learn Sport


In the middle of 2010, my friend Marlene asked me to accompany her in order to attend some dive event at JCC Senayan, and I thought why not cause I’m doing nothing on that day. On that hot-shiny day, I arrived there around 2PM and just saw Marlene on the front door. Paying around 20 thousands is ‘cheap’ if its compared to what I got. As soon as I entered the room, I was just so amazed. A lot of people and especially foreigners who came to know more about Indonesian’s diving spot. Being a who-know-nothing visitor is quite a challenge though. I followed Marlene and let her enjoying her world. She walked around the room and found a dive shop that sells diving equipment. And FYI, I don’t even know what is the name of every single thing that I saw and touched.

At the corner of the room, I saw an underwater photography exhibition. I left Marlene in the shop, then I walked through the corner. The photos that they displayed is just AWESOME!! Suddenly, I was really into diving. I came back to Marlene’s and found she were talking to some friends. She introduced me to Oja. After a little chit chat with him, I know he is a dive master and opening some dive course. I told him that I was interested and going to call him soon after I get a partner (buddy, if you call it in dive’s way).

After a long long way searching for a partner, I met Glenn. He was just about as interested as I am when it comes to diving. We both are beginner and know nothing about dive. I called Oja and said that I wanted to take a course. SSI Open Water Scuba Diver course is quite expensive. Its about 2millions and here’s the package : one theory session, one confine water session at the pool, and then let’s dive!

Me and Glenn took the theory course at ITC Senayan for approximately 3 hours. I almost puke when I got out because I suddenly received too much information inside my brain. Hahaha. But it was also fun! Then, on the weekend we went to Pertamina’s pool.



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