‘HANDS ALL OVER’ Me, Live in Jakarta!

Evening people, I just wanna share my reviews on Maroon 5 concert last night, April 27th Live in Jakarta! I was coming pretty late because of the worst traffic around Senayan and luckily arrived on time. Been standing around one hour inside the gig, finally Adam came out and the first song he sang was Misery!!! HE IS TOTALLY HOT AND I CAN BARELY SEE HIS TATTOOES FROM THE WHITE TRANSPARANT SHIRT THAT HE WORE!!!

I did stand in the front (I mean really really really in the front, and in my position you can see a full body of Adam Levine) with other girls who screaming his name every time he sang and OMG its so annoying. But its okay since everyone loves Adam. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring any camera thingy or my Blackberry. Too bad I can’t get his photos (since I was so close to him! Lol). So I took it from some of my friends who also came along. And the videos were taken from Youtube.

Adam kept saying ‘Aku Cinta Kamu’ and ‘Terima Kasih’ to pleased the fans. Its so funny when he said that words.

The words is not enough to describe it, here some photos and videos :

The first song : Misery

Harder to Breath, this one is in HD

This Love, in HD too

Never Gonna Leave This Bed (this is exactly where I’m standing!)


Sunday Morning

and you can find the rest of the songs at Youtube but with a bad quality LOL.

This is me with my Maroon 5 tickets!

Adam :

Sorry for the bad quality pictures 😉

After the concert, me and my friends taking a lot of photos and we bought the CD!!!

The picture of Adam Levine below was taken from http://www.metrotvnews.com, at Maroon 5 concert live in Jakarta!

Gosh these are the high quality stuffs!

I Can’t Lie that I am in Misery but It Won’t Be Soon Before Long anymore! Thanks Maroon 5 ya’ll awesome!


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