Solo Diving

In February 2012, suddenly a friend of mine cancelled a trip to Pramuka Island with me just one day before the trip. I can’t cancel it because either way I have to pay. I was angry at first, but I thought I need a break for myself too. There is nothing wrong with solo trip, even better, this is my first time!

In the morning, I went with my friend to the island just because she needed to bargain the price for her trip. She left after lunch, then it all began.

I was really confused about what to do next, so after lunch I headed to the dive center to meet the guide named Oman. I brought my diving equipments as well so we can dive directly from the pier. The first dive started at 1 PM with shore entry. The weather forecast on that day said that it was supposed to be windy and stormy, well it is not. Sunshine strikes really good and the weather is hot as hell. The underwater creatures around the island was not… alive anymore I think. There are no more colorful reefs, just some small fishes around, and nothing looked really good. I decided not to look any further and ask Oman to go back to pier. The second dive was just the same and the current was a little bit stronger, so Oman said not to stay any longer underwater. I finished cleaning my equipments around 5 PM and went back to the cottage.

LUCKILY, I met a friend who was diving in the same island!!! So I asked him if I could join him tomorrow! He said to bring my equipments and meet him in his cottage 8ish. Jesus still loves me after all! I was really excited that night and went to bed sooner.

I woke up at 7 and ate all my snacks that I brought the day before. After that I walked to my friend’s cottage. I met a bunch of new people he introduced to me. Some of them are extremely skilled and experienced diver, and some of them are going to have a diving tests underwater.

After breakfast, the dive master gave me a quick instructions about where we were going to dive, the depth, and the signals from him. My team is consist of 6 people including me and my friend. We were going to Papateo spot which has a WRECKSHIP at 30 meters depth. I was excited like crazy but trying to keep it calm. 6 of us were going down slowly and at the same time. Around 25 meters, I could see the whole wreck but it was still blurry and the current was strong. At 30 meters, I was holding on on the pole at the wreck because the current was really strong. It was like running on the thread mill. I was above a friend who cannot equalizing well and saw someone was coming to help him equalized. I did not have time to explore around unfortunately because suddenly the dive master decided to not staying around the wreck anymore. It was a chaos down there, we barely spent 10 minutes and decided to go to 20 meters depth. I spend 40 minutes underwater and use around 150 bars of my oxygen.

After reached the boat, we were going to Turtle Bay spot. This was my fourth and last dive. I did not remember much about this dive because I ended up vomit because of the strong current. LOL.

But, the thing is, I loved it when elder people tell stories about their experiences. It was really inspiring for me and makes me want to explore more about diving and underwater creatures. I love my team and they take me seriously when I talked, besides I was the only girl in the boat so everything was so perfect for me that day.

I came back to Jakarta with a happy feeling. Fyi, the day after I came back, there was a typhoon that attacks the villages around the island. Thank God I’m coming back sound and safe. Turns out that solo is not that bad and I like it somehow 🙂


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