20 Things I Miss in High School

1. Sleeping in the table at school after playing online games until 5AM in the morning.

2. Picnic inside the class. Catholic school is strict, so it was surely fun to eat while studying… Math.

3. Come to school half and hour before to cheat cause I have never done my Maths homework. Ever.

4. Skipping school with my friends to go to internet cafe. More online games!

5. Then the next morning caught skipping by teacher. They told me to tell my parent to go to meet him. The best part : I asked a friend of mine to be my fake parent! Hahahahaha I will never forget this one!

6. First time driving car to school : it feels awesome. Now? Fuck it I want a driver!

7. Laugh at my friend when she was fall from stairs. I still remember everything in details. It is so funny even writing this down makes me laugh now! Hahaha!!

8. Making noises inside the class while my Math teacher is teaching. Then he told me to get out. I seriously miss this part!

9. Coming to school very late and did not bring my bag because I’m afraid I will get caught.

10. More online games after school! Me and my friends spend our lunch money to buy clothes and equipment for our characters. Feel so stupid right now to spend money for that kinda things! But it was the fun of it LOL.

11. Caught eating in the class and the teacher told me to stop the ‘party’.

12. Asked my friend to be my fake parent when the school report coming out! Hahaha!

13. Basketball. I miss games and strict exercise. I miss vomiting because too tired of running. I miss the feeling of loss and win. I miss all of my teammates. I miss healthly life. Seriously.

14. Food in the canteen.

15. Art class! I miss drawing things I love!

16. I miss the time when I don’t have to worry about tomorrow.

17. Doing stupid things with my best friends.

18. Chatting in the girls toilet!

19. Rushing to write anything in your paper test because the teacher has left the class.

20. Oh how much I miss everyone in school!


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