20 Things I Miss in High School

1. Sleeping in the table at school after playing online games until 5AM in the morning.

2. Picnic inside the class. Catholic school is strict, so it was surely fun to eat while studying… Math.

3. Come to school half and hour before to cheat cause I have never done my Maths homework. Ever.

4. Skipping school with my friends to go to internet cafe. More online games!

5. Then the next morning caught skipping by teacher. They told me to tell my parent to go to meet him. The best part : I asked a friend of mine to be my fake parent! Hahahahaha I will never forget this one!

6. First time driving car to school : it feels awesome. Now? Fuck it I want a driver!

7. Laugh at my friend when she was fall from stairs. I still remember everything in details. It is so funny even writing this down makes me laugh now! Hahaha!!

8. Making noises inside the class while my Math teacher is teaching. Then he told me to get out. I seriously miss this part!

9. Coming to school very late and did not bring my bag because I’m afraid I will get caught.

10. More online games after school! Me and my friends spend our lunch money to buy clothes and equipment for our characters. Feel so stupid right now to spend money for that kinda things! But it was the fun of it LOL.

11. Caught eating in the class and the teacher told me to stop the ‘party’.

12. Asked my friend to be my fake parent when the school report coming out! Hahaha!

13. Basketball. I miss games and strict exercise. I miss vomiting because too tired of running. I miss the feeling of loss and win. I miss all of my teammates. I miss healthly life. Seriously.

14. Food in the canteen.

15. Art class! I miss drawing things I love!

16. I miss the time when I don’t have to worry about tomorrow.

17. Doing stupid things with my best friends.

18. Chatting in the girls toilet!

19. Rushing to write anything in your paper test because the teacher has left the class.

20. Oh how much I miss everyone in school!


Solo Diving

In February 2012, suddenly a friend of mine cancelled a trip to Pramuka Island with me just one day before the trip. I can’t cancel it because either way I have to pay. I was angry at first, but I thought I need a break for myself too. There is nothing wrong with solo trip, even better, this is my first time!

In the morning, I went with my friend to the island just because she needed to bargain the price for her trip. She left after lunch, then it all began.

I was really confused about what to do next, so after lunch I headed to the dive center to meet the guide named Oman. I brought my diving equipments as well so we can dive directly from the pier. The first dive started at 1 PM with shore entry. The weather forecast on that day said that it was supposed to be windy and stormy, well it is not. Sunshine strikes really good and the weather is hot as hell. The underwater creatures around the island was not… alive anymore I think. There are no more colorful reefs, just some small fishes around, and nothing looked really good. I decided not to look any further and ask Oman to go back to pier. The second dive was just the same and the current was a little bit stronger, so Oman said not to stay any longer underwater. I finished cleaning my equipments around 5 PM and went back to the cottage.

LUCKILY, I met a friend who was diving in the same island!!! So I asked him if I could join him tomorrow! He said to bring my equipments and meet him in his cottage 8ish. Jesus still loves me after all! I was really excited that night and went to bed sooner.

I woke up at 7 and ate all my snacks that I brought the day before. After that I walked to my friend’s cottage. I met a bunch of new people he introduced to me. Some of them are extremely skilled and experienced diver, and some of them are going to have a diving tests underwater.

After breakfast, the dive master gave me a quick instructions about where we were going to dive, the depth, and the signals from him. My team is consist of 6 people including me and my friend. We were going to Papateo spot which has a WRECKSHIP at 30 meters depth. I was excited like crazy but trying to keep it calm. 6 of us were going down slowly and at the same time. Around 25 meters, I could see the whole wreck but it was still blurry and the current was strong. At 30 meters, I was holding on on the pole at the wreck because the current was really strong. It was like running on the thread mill. I was above a friend who cannot equalizing well and saw someone was coming to help him equalized. I did not have time to explore around unfortunately because suddenly the dive master decided to not staying around the wreck anymore. It was a chaos down there, we barely spent 10 minutes and decided to go to 20 meters depth. I spend 40 minutes underwater and use around 150 bars of my oxygen.

After reached the boat, we were going to Turtle Bay spot. This was my fourth and last dive. I did not remember much about this dive because I ended up vomit because of the strong current. LOL.

But, the thing is, I loved it when elder people tell stories about their experiences. It was really inspiring for me and makes me want to explore more about diving and underwater creatures. I love my team and they take me seriously when I talked, besides I was the only girl in the boat so everything was so perfect for me that day.

I came back to Jakarta with a happy feeling. Fyi, the day after I came back, there was a typhoon that attacks the villages around the island. Thank God I’m coming back sound and safe. Turns out that solo is not that bad and I like it somehow ๐Ÿ™‚

Strangers, again

If Not Now, When Will You ?

Take the chances you have, make a move, and change the world.

When people said that ‘you can’t save everyone’, you gotta say ‘at least I can save this one’.

Never give up and start to make a change! Even a little sacrifice DOES make a difference in someone’s life.

A Tablet a Day, and I was LIMITLESS

There is this movie called LIMITLESS which told us a story about Edward Morra, a poor man who suddenly can access his brain function up to 100% when normal people only can do 20% of it , with uncertified drugs. He can write a book within 4 days, learning stock market in 3 days, and get to know Carl van Loon, the powerful business man in New York. This movie got a pretty positive reviews from film critics. Starring Bradley Cooper and Robert DeNiro, I WARNED YOU THIS IS NOT A BORING MOVIE IF YOU PAYING ATTENTION.

This is the movie which makes an antagonist a winner because he had his happy ending! NO JOKE. I give a 3.5 out of 5.

Limitless trailer :

1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = ATTITUDE

A silly fact that I have just known today on my character development class.
A = 1; B = 2; C = 3; D = 4; E = 5; … ; X = 24; Y = 25; Z = 26.

SKILL = 19+11+9+12+12 = 63
KNOWLEDGE = 11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5 = 96
HARD WORK = 8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11 = 98

You might have all the SKILL that no one can not beat, you might be very capable of everything with the KNOWLEDGE you have learned, and you might can work your ass off with HARD WORK to go to the top.

ATTITUDE = 1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100

But remember one thing, only ATTITUDE that makes you survive the battles. Build up your attitude and do some kick ass stuffs! TRUST ME IT WORKS.

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Just an Indonesian Jokes

Olivia Jane, Andhika Wijaya B4D 3OY

Olivia Jane : Wakakakakakkakkakk ******* !! Gpp lah naek tingkat dr demen satpam jd demen sm polisi

Andhika : Wkkwkwkw parah lu. Dia nyanyi brp lagu ???

Olivia Jane : Lupa, konser ny cmn 1 ยฝ jem. Buruan dik kita nabung trus ke LA samperin dy. Mati banget ganteng ny bisa kbawa mimpi!

Andhika : Wkwkkwkwkw elu sinting gila miring ya ??? Gila ye. Kalo cowo si suka artis jg nga sampe gitu2 bgt kekna wkkwkwkwkw .. Gw aja suka bgt ama beyonce tp krn tiketnya 2,5jt gw jd kaga jd nonton ahahhaha …

Olivia Jane : Wkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwk gw bner2 mau samperin dy klo k LA!

Andhika: SWT olive …

Olivia Jane : Wkakakakak beyonce jg ada d LA dik! Ayok kita ke LA! Lenteng Agung!

Andhika : Tae ke LA 1 taon jg blm tentu bs ketemu si adam lambert itu …

Olivia Jane : Ah lu mah suka ny justin bieber dik. Adam levine kale! Adam lambert mah american idol

Andhika : Ngehe lagunya aja gw kaga suka **** . Oya pokokna adam – adam lah . Makanya sering2 maen apa tuh yg video ama stranger itu siapa tau ada adam levine …
Andhika : Dia nyanyi lagu misery nga ???

Olivia Jane : Omegle wkakakkak itu mah msti ama lu dik maen nya.Ooh jlas dong dy maen misery, lagu pling awal pas dy org kluar. Uda ntr kt ke LA samperin beyonce sm adam. Mau sp lg! Pitbull jg?

Andhika : Wew . Tae elu kira kita org penting ape bisa ke la trs ktm dia org. Anak sby jg blm tentu bs gitu kali …
Andhika : This love ada nga ??? Makes me wonder ???

Olivia Jane : This love ada ngehe gw lsg inget lu gara2 blg itu lagu alay wkakakakak hoki tuh alay lagu ny kluar
Olivia Jane : Makes me wonder jg ada td

Andhika : Emg wkwkkwkwkwkw … Dia tau indo bnyk alay makanya dikeluarin this love …
Andhika : Gw pengen nonton si tp 1juta secara …
Andhika : Mending buat modif mobil …

Olivia Jane : Iya gw jg byr 1jt, abis gw demen si maroon5 dr gw masi SD sih yeee

Andhika : Kalo si adamnya blg mau ngengkang atau mau atraksi apaan gw bayar dah 1jt …

Olivia Jane ๎šฑ: Adam ngengkang gw byr 5jt jg mau!!!

Andhika : Beyonce 2,5jt jing
Andhika : Swt oliv wtf.
Andhika : Beyonce 2,5jt gw kaga jd nonton wkwkkwkwkw .. Mhl bgt tae …

Olivia Jane : Wkakakakaak lah lu aja mau byr 1jt klo adam ngengkang wkakakak
Olivia Jane : Sumpah dik goblok ah wkwkwkwk

Andhika : Itu isengin elu bego lip !!!

Olivia Jane : Iye beyonce ngengkang jg gw suru byr 2,5jt gw jg ga mao!

Andhika : Elu mau bayarin tiket gw ke LA nga ? Gw udh lama ni blm ke universal lagi .. Hahahahaha …
Andhika : Yeeee gw bunuh dah si adam levine …

Olivia Jane : Iye gw byrin tiket, lu byrin akomodasi sbulan dsn gmne?

Andhika : Fuck >:O …

Olivia Jane : Lu bunuh adam levine trus lu mati di hajar massa

Andhika : Elu cukup bayarin gw tiket aja. Akomodasi bayar masing2 …

Olivia Jane : Ngehe wkakakak rugi d gw dong

Andhika : Wakakakkakaakka. Kaga dong abis itu lahir andhika levine wkkwwkkw …
Andhika : Elu bukannya kelar concer dpt foto brg ya ???

Olivia Jane : โ”ŒะŸโ” [ห˜ะทห˜]โ”ŒะŸโ” andhika levine apaan โ”ŒะŸโ” [ห˜ะทห˜]โ”ŒะŸโ”
Olivia Jane : Iye dpt poto brg sama karton ny doang

Andhika : Wkakakakkaka anjeng gw ketaawa ngakak …
Andhika : Karton bagaskara …

Olivia Jane : Wkakakakkaka gw drtd ngakak men
Olivia Jane : Itu katon bego

Andhika : Eh elu jgn fuckin andhika levine nih krn gw ada reason coy …

Olivia Jane : Mati bgt jayusssss wkakakakak

Andhika : Seganteng2nya dia atau sekeren2nya dia. Tp tetep dong yg nemenin elu tiap hari ketawa gw apa die …
Andhika : Die cmn muncul DALAM LAYAR TV !!!

Olivia Jane : Wkakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakaakkakakakakkwkakkakakaakkwkwkwkkakakakakakakakakakkwkwkkkakakakwakakakkakwkkakwakwakwkakkkwkakwkakakawkawkakkakwawa

Andhika : Bner ngga ???

Olivia Jane : A****g yeh kata2 lu bkin gw ga bs ngmg apa2

Andhika : Walaupun gw suka beyonce dan lady gaga jg tiap hari gw makan nya sama lady jane dan begaby kan ???

Olivia Jane : Bner sih, bruan gnti nama lu jd andhika levine!

Andhika : Elu ganti dolo lady jane
Andhika : Nanti gw release album gw lah judulnya “tersiksa”

Olivia Jane : Iyaaaa sihhh wkakakkak kok so sweet bgt sehhh andhika levineee <3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3

Andhika : Dia misery gw tersiksa sama kan ???

Olivia Jane : SAMA!!!!
Olivia Jane : Wkakkakkakakakkwkakakakkwkakakkakakakakak

Andhika : I am in misery, kalo gw, saya hidup dalam penderitaan …

Olivia Jane : Ngehe tggal smua lagu ny aj lu jadiin indo

Andhika : Wakakakakakkakkaka …
Andhika : Tp ada satu lagunya yg ngga bisa gw indonesiain …
Andhika : Tau ngga lagunya yg mana ???

Olivia Jane : This love
Olivia Jane : Bner gaaaa
Olivia Jane : Cinta ini
Olivia Jane : Wkakakakakka

Andhika : Knp this love ???

Olivia Jane : Saking alay ny kaliii
Olivia Jane : Tp bner kan this love

Andhika : Iye

Olivia Jane : Apa dong

Andhika : Lagu yg THIS LOVE krn kalo di indoin kan "cinta ini" soalnya udh di paten ama agnes monica kan ada lagunya "cinta ini kadang2 tak ada logika". Wkkkwkw …

Olivia Jane : Wkwkwkwkwkwkwkkwkwkwkwwkkwwkkwkwkwakakakakakkakaka ngehe ini jayus ny kterlaluaaaannnn

Andhika : Goblok gw yg ngelucu gw sendiri yg ketawa bangke …
Andhika : Elu udh d rumah ???

Olivia Jane : Sumpah y mau gw masukin blog gw nih chat begabby sm andhika lavine

Andhika : Wkkwkwkw sialan …

Olivia Jane : Uda d ruma gw
Olivia Jane : Wkwkwkwkkwkwkw
Olivia Jane : Mati dik jayus ny ga tahan
Olivia Jane : Jimmy (housemate Andhika) bangun ga tuh wkakaka

Andhika : Bsk mau makan bareng nga ? Udh lama tak bertegur sampah lalu tertawa terbahak2 …
Andhika : Bangun wkkwkw !!!
Andhika : Bertegur sapa

Olivia Jane : Bertegur sapa dik. Indo lu merah yeee. Bole! Jam brp?

Andhika : Elu jam brp bsnya ???

Olivia Jane : ยฝ 1 gw ud kelar klas

Andhika : Oke kalo udh MAU kelar bbm gw ya…
Andhika : Gabby ???

Olivia Jane : Gila y gw quiz 2 biji bsok smpe gw ga bsa ni smua gr2 lu y bkin lelucon pagi2 buta
Olivia Jane : Gaby ada break dr jm11- ยฝ 2

Andhika : Yaudah elu tidur lah semoga MIMPI dicium adam levigne …
Andhika : Eh btw adam levigne sodara sama avril lavigne ya ???

Olivia Jane : Oke deh gw mau mimpi maen ski sm adam levine!

Andhika : Ski di lake taho ???

Olivia Jane : Bukan begok, adam levine sm avril lavigne bedaaa
Olivia Jane : Yoi dong lake TAHOE

Andhika : Ow abis mirip namanya …
Andhika : Yaudah tidur lu bsk kontek gw ya …

Olivia Jane : Sipp dehhh

Andhika : Bye lip …

Olivia Jane : Makasih lelucon nya andhika levine! Bye!

*not edited yet, but just really really wanna post it lol*

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